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Developing and Revitalizing Youth Ministries! 

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Jeff Staudte - Director

Jeff and Aileen Staudte along with their daughters Alaina and Mia have been AGWM missionaries from 2002-2017 where they were the assistant national youth directors for the Pentecostal European Fellowship called PEFY. Having been involved in youth ministry for over 24 years, now they are embarking on a new adventure of youth planting through AGUSM. With a heart for the over 50% of churches without a youth program they aim to develop and revitalize congregations through PF Youth Development. 

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Connecting churches and youth workers! 

There are more training centers than ever for ministry, but who or what connects them with churches? Not only do we wish to be a placement office for volunteer, part time, or full time youth ministry, but even more so an apprenticeship program that helps network those called into youth ministry with pastors who are seeking youth workers. 

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Serving and encouraging pastors in building youth ministries!

We want to meet with you to discuss options and goals for helping develop and revitalizing youth ministry at your church.

Our heart is to serve the local church and the local Pastor.

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Networking to strategically mentor and train youth workers!

There are many volunteer and part time youth workers that would love to be better connected with and mentored by others doing youth ministry. The only way we are going to multiply youth ministry is if we intentionally mentor youth workers. Will you consider joining today?

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